International Film Festival North Hollywood – Update

It was such an honor to have Whole Foods sponsor the screening of A Farmer’s Road at the International Film Festival North Hollywood. Take a moment to fully read the poster below. They said some really nice things about the film, but more importantly, advanced the mission by putting their name on it, hosting a fabulous luncheon, and introducing small-scale Midwestern farming to the west coast.

Additionally, we won Best Food Film of the festival. Many thanks to Nick and Hortencia for their support and congrats on the inaugural event.


Great Lakes Environmental Film Festival

What a honor to have A Farmer’s Road be accepted into the Great Lakes Environmental Film Festival in Milwaukee, WI. The festival runs April 21-23, 2016 in association with Marquette University. As a Milwaukee native, this is an especially wonderful distinction; I’m proud to be a participant. Their mission: “The Great Lakes Environmental Film Festival (GLEFF) is a student run annual event that challenges audiences to go beyond passive viewing and take action for the environment. GLEFF presents thought-provoking films and dialogue that raise awareness of sustainability, environmental justice, and ecological issues at the local and global level.” Learn more about this important festival here.

Great Lakes Laurel-White-Black

One Earth Film Festival

I’m so thrilled to have A Farmer’s Road screen at the One Earth Film Festival in Oak Park, IL, which runs March 4-6, 2016. This is such an important community run organization doing amazing work for environment and sustainability initiatives. Please take some time to have a look at their site and consider attending the film festival to learn how you can get involved and make a difference. More information here. Hope to see you there!

OEFF Laurel-White-Black

International Film Festival North Hollywood

I’ve just received word that A Farmer’s Road has been accepted at the 1st annual International Film Festival North Hollywood, which runs April 28 – May 01. This is the first notification from any festival out west. I’m excited to announce IFFNH will be the West Coast Premiere. To all California friends of AFR, please consider supporting this great start-up festival in North Hollywood. Check out their site here.

IFFNH Laurel-White-Black

Beloit International Film Festival

Excited to announce A Farmer’s Road is an Official Selection at the terrific and nationally recognized Beloit International Film Festival, which runs Feb 19-28, 2016. Please consider attending during the first weekend when you can cast a vote for AFR as an Audience Choice Award. Hope to see you there!

Beloit Laurel-White-Black

Film Festival Synopsis

A Farmer’s Road tells the story of how two PhD soil scientists traded the security of academic tenure at a world-renowned research university for the relentless challenges and economic uncertainty of operating a Grade A goat dairy and farmstead creamery in central Illinois. Using milk from their herd of Nubian and LaMancha goats, Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell produce artisan goat milk cheeses, gelato, and cajeta, which are showcased during elaborate bi-weekly slow food dinners on the farm. The film follows them over a four-year period capturing the transformation of a previously cash grain landscape into diversified perennial crops and livestock while they strive to embody the core principles of sustainability – environmental stewardship, economic viability, and social responsibility. As they engage with the community at farmers’ markets, on-site dinners and breakfasts, and agricultural assemblies, their mission to educate the public about the benefits of locally-sourced small-farm products is literally changing the American food system one meal at a time.